Dettagli stanze in affitto

  • Appartamento
  • 2 stanze in totale
  • 1 stanze disponibili
  • 1 bagni
  • soggiorno minimo: 6 mesi
  • Disponibile in 31 maggio
  • Arredata
  • Internet

Dettagli coinquilini

1 maschio, studente, fumatori, ma solo all'esterno

Coinquilini preferiti

maschio, da 20 a 36 anni, studenti

Descrizione stanze in affitto

The apartment is a ground floor just renovated flat, made up of a furnished kitchen, a shared bathroom and two rooms (a small single and a big single). The apartment is near Polimi architecture and the city centre. Available is the large one.Utilities are extra. the rent is 290 every 4 weeks for 6/12 months WIFI 15 (each) every 4 weeks. Deposit 600 to be devolved

Place for bike in the common court. Electric heating. safer then gas one

ID annuncio H17072281723823

Pubblicato il 14 marzo 2020